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Hi Guys
Here is another bug. I recently did a clean install of vista 32 and proceded to install all the other stuff. The 2nd last program i installed was Nod32 and last CPF3. The interface comes up slowly and a bit disjointed. Its a bit hard to explain but it certainly does not respond as quick as other programs. I uninstalled CPF and installed Outpost and the interface comes up instantly without any slow down or problems. I uninstalled Outpost and reinstalled CPF and i still have the same problem. Before i formated my laptop i had the previous version 3 on it and it ran great but now i have the lastest version and its not so great. I thought it might have something to do with the video drivers but after doing an update of the drivers the problem still remains. Does anyone have any solutions or a fix for the problem.

I am having the same problem with a clean install of on XP Pro SP2. The CFP interface is the most sluggish and unresponsive I’ve ever seen. I have an overclocked dual-core, 2GB RAM and an overclocked 8600GTS so my problem is not lack of grunt.

yeah, I find its slow and sluggish for me too :-\ my system has gotten quite bogged down with all the security stuff I’ve installed :’( so Proactive Defense reports i have 61 - 65 applications active and running in memory, i’ve seen quite a few apps that don’t use too much memory but their GUI interface runs sluggishly and can freeze themselves occassionally when other things are going on. CFP 3 currently seems to be one of them :-\

hopefully cfp becomes lighter and sleeker and still powerful in future releases :slight_smile:

I’ve identified my problem as a conflict between CA AntiVirus 2007 and CFP. I tried setting a Real-Time Scanner exclusion on C:\Program Files\COMODO\Firewall but it didn’t help so I’m at a loss.

I also have slow GUI / Interface. The computer seems to be running well and the firewall / defense+ are doing there job. I don’t see much activity in Task Manager until I open the CPF interface. When I do it is very slow using up to 44% CPU on a HT machine. Switching from Summary - Firewall - Defense+ is very slow, opening sub-menus is also very slow. This is the only program on my machine that is behaving like this.
I have V3 on another machine, a dual core AMD and I do not get this slowdown issue.
I have uninstalled Symantec Corporate Antivirus to see if it was that but it didn’t help. I don’t have any other active protection software running.

Welcome to the club :Beer

There are already a lot of other posts on this topic here in the forum, but no official reply from comodo.

Do you use any multimonitor aplication or desktop skinning tools, or other gadgets that are integrated into your desktop?

I suspect you may be on to something, I had the same thought as that is the major difference between my machine at home and at work. I have a multi-monitor set up on the machine that is running slowly. I use a program called UltraMon to give me an additional taskbar on the 2nd monitor as well as allow for switching apps from one monitor to the other.
I’ll see about not using either and post what happens.

Looks like I’ve isolated it on my machine. The UltraMon program is what slows down the GUI. 1st I tried disabling the 2nd monitor (left UltraMon running) and CFP GUI was still slow. I then closed UltraMon and CFP GUI ran nice and smooth as it should. I re-enabled multiple monitors and things seemed to work fine, running UltraMon again results in slow performance from CFP GUI.
UltraMon has the ability to add a 'Move Window to Other Desktop" button to the window title bar in windows. It doesn’t add them (well) to skinned windows and I do not get one on CFP window. I can disable this feature and it did not help with the slow GUI. I don’t know if it is the entire UltraMon program slowing the GUI down or a specific feature, I’ll see if I can figure out.

I recommend you to switch to the newest beta of ultramon. It came out a few days ago, and it is running fine for me. Previous betas of ultramon had some display problem at my machine. With this version everything works great and also the problems with comodo are gone.

Actually although updating ultramon solves the problem, I don’t think that the slow GUI is ultramons fault, but rather comodo’s. Several other people had similar problems with slow GUIs without using ultramon. It seams comodo generally don’t likes anything that is modifying the native windows desktop. (:NRD)

I can confirm that the problem is related to UltraMon. Exiting UltraMon makes the CPF GUI fast, restarting it makes the CPF GUI slow again.

Yet, I am using version 2.7.1 which is very relyable and I’ve never had problems with it.

While I’d like to see that fixed, I rate it as a minimal problem, since CPF is running with low resource usage as long the the GUI is not active - which is rarely the case for me…


Well, I have the same slow GUI issue, but my XP is freshly installed. Only antivirus and Comodo are real time scanners running all the time.
I have managed to speed things up a little bit by disabling Defence+ (it is most annoying piece of SW in Comodo, mostly due to my un-ability to set it up correctly).


I reported earlier that I had identified my slow GUI as a conflict between Comodo and CA Antivirus. It seemed that after a time (several hours of uptime) the problem went away, presumably because one or other had satisfied itself that the other was OK. However, I am currently running with the GUI responding normally. Whether that is the result of it having been “improved” in some manner or whether because I have disabled Defence+ I cannot say. (I agree with the previous writer that Defence+ is unduly intrusive and difficult to manage).

i do experience the same problems.
the program that is causing the slow comodo interface for me is ATI Tray Tools. this program is quite popular and i dont think i’m the only one having trouble with comodo + att.

would be very appreciated if this issue could be fixed in near future.

Same issue here with me and I thought it was Windowblinds but its just Comodo. Have actually gottin use to it.

You guys might want to try this. I had a Windows update for .NET Framework 2.0 and 3.0. They were both service packs. The install failed and I found out that my 2.0 was curropt. I couldnt uninstall it either. So I found the info I needed in Microsofts site and was able to manually remove .NET Framework 2.0. Then I reinstalled 2.0 and both service packs went in. After .NET Framework 2.0 and 3.0 were working as they should and I had no more updates my Comodo GUI works better and faster. You guys might want to check that out. (CLY)

Thank you for the hint Vettetech but at least for me the slow interface problem doesnt seem to be related to .NET framework, I tried it all with every version but it didnt help.

I figured out the issue only arises when ATI Tray Tools(as i already mentioned) and Defense+ are activated(or leak security is activated for the basic firewall mode). I’m using WinXP btw.

I don’t even have framework, UltraMon, or ATI tray tools installed on my system, nevertheless my GUI is still slow.

You have to have atleast .NET Framework 1.0 or 1.1. All pc’s have it.

No, that’s wrong. .NET Framework isn’t installed by default or via Windows Update, the only reason to have that installed is if any (new) program demands it. At least this is the case with XP.

Well my brand new WOW DELL laptop had .NET Framework 1.1,2.0 and 3.0 installed on it already. My mothers new desktop had the same and thats an HP.