Slow to run Batch files and Defense+ problems

Hi, I love the latest version of Comodo Firewall, but due to my using beta drivers for graphics, I have found that Defense+ causes more problems than it solves, e.g. game crashes especially. So unfortunately I have to uninstall the module. My beef is that the software developers have refused to get rid of a simple yet frustrating problem when running batch files. One of which I use to clear event logs in Windows 7. When I run the file, it takes forever to clear the logs because Comodo slows down how fast the batch file will run. With your older versions, this was never a problem, but all your later releases cause batch files to run very slow, even when run as Administrator. Is there a work around for this, or do we wait patiently for you to fix a simple problem that has been there for way too long? As I said earlier, I love the program because it beats the hell out of Windows 7 Firewall. But a solution needs to be found for both the batch file problem as well as the Defense+, for anyone running official beta drivers. I created the batch file to clear the event logs when needed myself. Thus ensuring there was no risk of having to download anything to do the same job, but might be carrying a nasty surprise. Even after it’s been opened with notepad to have a look at the commands, there is always the risk of releasing something into the system that can cause damage tto hardware and more.