Slow startup in Windows7 x64


I have Windows7 x64 and Comodo Firewall
Until recently I had no problems with ComodoFIrewall. Then I started to experience very slow startups. I start the computer and log on and Win7 is unresponsive while I try to start browsers, file explorers etc. After 2-3 minutes they all pop up together with the Comodo alert for allowing Microsoft Search Indexer to run and alerts for sandboxing applications that Comodo had been told about before and let run without sandboxing. Apparently Comodo sort of forgets about these applications. Comodo is currently up-to-date.
How do I fix the problem?

Thank you

Sounds to me like WIN 7 file indexing might be hosed. Here’s a link on how to fix it: Windows 7, problems with indexing, defender etc..

BTW - most corp IT departments turn off file indexing on all Windows OSes since it has historically proven to be a resouce hog with minimal benefits.