Slow start and page changes

I like the support Comodo supplies.But it slows the coputer down.Also some viruses try to get on and although Comodo cathes them there should be a way to eliminate them,or block them completely instead of daily having to block them.

Hi actorstuntman,

You did not provide any info for the developers in order to solve your “problem”

  • What system are you running?
  • Platform?
  • Are you running whole CIS Suite?
  • Was the system infected before installing CIS?
  • Have you tried to eliminate “viruses” (prior to CIS installation) by visiting the sites where certified malware fighters would lead you to right direction in order “eliminate them” as you posted?
  • Then what??? viruses. What are messages you are getting & from what module of CIS. At least post screen shots.
  • &/or submit those flagged files to Comodo developers


P.S. in addition please read this reply to another post of yours