Slow shutdown with BETA.

First of all it’s nice to see I no longer get the CPF error message when shutting down Windows as I got with the last beta when using OSMODE=3.

However, the latest version has slowed my shutdown from a speedy 6-7 seconds to about 3 times that. I assume CPF is the root cause of this.

Not a show stopper but thought I’d mention it.

Yes. This is possible. Because the BETA makes some checks to validate some parameters before exiting. This is necessary to prevent some advanced sort of hijacking attempts when the system boots later.

Thanks for the reply. As long as the delay is for a good purpose I can wait the extra time.

Nice. I couldn’t agree more … for the additional security a few seconds added to the shutdown time is NO PROBLEM!

Same thing on mine. But if it is for better protection it’s welcomed :smiley: