Slow Scan

I am a Commodo Internet Security Premium Newbie. So far I like the free version except my computer scans are taking an average of 80 minutes to complete. I am just scanning my C drive. I have my scans set to stateful; scan memory on start; heuristics scanning level high; do not scan files larger than 20 mb. I have a Lenovo Idea Centre k220 Dual CPU 2.40 GHZ 4.00 gb 64 Bit Vista Home Premium Svc Pack 2 OS. As a comparison, PS Tools, Spyware Doctor w/ Anti Virus 8.0 Free Version took just 4 minutes to scan my computer. Any suggestions on how to speed up my scan would be appreciated.

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CAV’s scanning is not the fastest. Pctools AV is something that I strongly not recommend. Avast or CAV (AVG is also popular and used by many but has some dangerous bugs; I think of 64bit version) belongs to the best that are for free.


Are you running other security programs at the same time? That may be a cause of slow downs.

Any scan that takes 4 minutes isn’t scanning your entire hard drive.

No suggestions to speed up the scan, but I would suggest that you run a scan when you are going to be away from your computer.

Thanks for replying.  I  checked and had the PC Tools Scan set for its Quick Scan.  When I ran a full scan it took 20 minutes longer than Comodo so I'll just have to run a scan when I don't need to use the computer.  If there are any tips to speed up a scan I'd love to hear about them.  Thanks.

Can’t help you in speeding up your full scans. Imo full scans are not required very often if you have been running the Real time scan this should have already picked up any problem. I only manual scan rarely or if I think that a problem may be present. Also if CIS is new to the system I would do a full scan. Kind regards.