Slow Scan Speed

I don’t expect it to achieve its insane speed like the old CFP scanner was, but about 32 minutes for just over 1800 files for a full computer scan?! At that point I stopped it because I couldn’t waste any more CPU…and for some reason, running uTorrent at the same time slows it down even more (it has some files that are in the midst of download and stuff locked on, so if I exit uTorrent, some files will be incomplete/corrupted).

Multimedia/compressed files are the worst offenders: CAV takes especially longer on them. Examples include .jpg, .mp3, .ogg files.

Another peculiarity: files that were previously scanned seem to scan much faster, provided that I don’t reboot the computer. It’s like the engine caches them or something.

No problems with real-time scanner (fortunately). Disabling “Scan memory on start” and “Scan Archive Files” options doesn’t really help. What’s going on ???

Computer Specs:
Intel 1 GB RAM, 2.4 Ghz
Windows XP Pro SP 2
Comodo Internet Security 3.5.54375.427 (no other active security / utility software)

Pretty much normal behaviour? They stay cached in RAM until they get swapped out of it by something more useful. BTW, it’s OS behaviour, not specific to CIS.

Hmm, I always exclude those multimedia files since I consider scanning them a complete waste of time. Sorry, maybe someone else.

What’s strange about the scanning speed is that it was much, much faster in the simple CAV scanner introduced with CFP earlier this year. Maybe the new CIS scanner is more extensive ???

True. But on the other hand, they worked hard to make a fast and efficient scanner. :-X

Yes I did notice CIS’ av killing the system while uTorrent was on, it practically froze.

Well, you can create a new profile. In case you have problems with it, there are some hints here.

Wrt the engine, IIRC it’s a rewrite from scratch.

I’m experiencing this PAINFULLY slow scan speed even as I write this message. After running for an hour, it has processed only 4500 files. That’s approximately ONE PERCENT of the total files on this machine, so I am expecting that the full computer scan would run approximately ONE HUNDRED HOURS if I were obsessive enough to allow it to complete…!

Looks like I’m going to have to remove all of the AV features of this version of CIS and find myself another AV program that operates in a reasonable way.

Comdo can implements file type filters like Sophos Enteprise Antivirus. Some extensions can’t be infected (Sophos says this, is it true?)