slow scan of the handles for removable drives


I’m a Delphi/C programmer.

I made some tools which access the physical drives directly (raw). And they are becoming quite popular.
The problem is Comodo is delaying the creation of every handle (CreateFile) for removable drives by a few hundred ms.
It may not seem to be much (from human perspective) but when a tool is using dozens, maybe hundreds, it will become very noticeable.
I already reduced the number of handles to minimum. But still there is a noticeable delay.
With other security solutions there is a delay, but not that much.
Comodo should decrease its scan time + it should “see” that most of the calls to CreateFile are without the GENERIC_WRITE flag (so potentially harmless).

You could test with this code: Calling DeviceIoControl - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn

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Without more troubleshooting info from DavidBrenner i cannot determine if this is a bug or setup conflict. For this reason im going to move this report to resolved. DavidBrenner feel free to add more information or edit your post using the required format linked above. Once you do this we can continue to process this report.