Slow response when clicking on CPF and resource usage by other programs

Hi again Little Mac
I posted my question here because the first part is about the Comodo Firewall but 2 other questions about other security programs and resource usage is also included.

   Hope you or others here might have recommendations for my 3 questions/problems !
  1. I have found several times that when installing a new program I might need to restart the install process because of the lag time after clicking on the Comodo pop up asking if I want to Allow or Deny. The lag time is usually 5 to 7 seconds.
    There are usually 3 to 5 requests, each saying there are 3 to 5 permissions per request.
    Normally after I click on 2 the pop up goes to the next series of allow questions. I have never seen more than 3.
    By the time I answer 2 to 3 sets of questions the software I am installing times out and I need to reinstall to complete the installation.

Wondered if other security programs could be creating this sluggish response?
The two services that I see use the most cpu are MsMpEng.exe and swdsvc.exe and sometimes one of the BoClean files (not sure which one) will read a medium level of cpu usage.

Here are the Security programs I have installed, StartUp Monitor, Start Up Control Panel, Comodo Firewall Pro, Avira anti virus Free edition, BoClean, Spyware Doctor Starter Edition (found in Google Pack)
I have Spyware Doctor Tray Application not to run at StartUP using the StartUP Control Panel. Sometimes it appears and sometimes it does not. All updates and scans run fine automatically but if I want to manually do something I need to reload Spyware Doctor. Windows Defender is in the background along with SpywareBlaster, SpywareGuard, Spybot Search and Destroy (with Immunize). IE 7 with its popup blocker and Phising protection.

Installed but set to manual are AVG (Ewido) anti Spyware, A2Squared, and the latest Free version of Adaware Personnal Edition, also have a few security programs that only run when I call them. I had used Super anti spyware and between it and A2 Squared decided to keep A2Squared. Both found the least and were the slowest in scans. Even Windows Defender found something they missed!

  1. Any duplications of services that you see that I could use one over the other ? Chose the Spyware Doctor (over the others anti spyware programs listed) as it seemed to catch more and was FREE as the Starter Edition in the Google Pack.

  2. The final question one site I used to visit and watch flash videos was
    Videos that are on IE7 Home Page also play on but videos on that site do not play. I get a script error and had narrowed it down to SpywareBlaster and its blocking the advertising site that Google just purchased DoubleClick. I allowed 4-5 of the blocked sites and the videos played for two weeks and then were blocked again.

I only want to allow the DoubleClick links that are associated with playing the videos on the web site NOT all of DoubleClick. Besides SpywareBlaster I wondered if Immunize in Spybot Search and Destroy might be blocking and also IE7. Not much help from the web site.

Thank You to Everyone for your recommendations (Oh to those that primarily say switch to FireFox I want to stay with IE7 a little longer)


In response to my 1st question.
I am almost 97% certain that the sluggish delay when clicking on the Comodo Allow / Deny popup is do to the other security programs "Spyware Doctor, Windows Defender, BoClean, Avira, etc. becoming activated during the installation and doing their thing. And bringing resources to a crawl.

Earlier I went to a Microsoft Live Blog and I received 3 pop ups that MSN wanted to act as a server, each instantly was gone when clicked.

At least it only lasts 5-7 seconds for each installation pop up request. There have been times when after 20 minutes normally running other programs when the system locks up, I just do a hard reboot.

Wondered if there was a program I could install in that I could run in the background when this occurs and log what programs are causing CPU and ram to come to a crawl ?