slow repies from you [Resolved]

For the past week or so some of the replies coming to me from the forum have been loading really slow, if at all. They average about 20 seconds, but sometimes load about half way and hang for minutes where I give up. Is your server OK? No problems with other web sites. I have broadband so my sites usually come up instantly. :cry:

twl845: All clear here - I don’t know of any issues with the server for the past week, and the forum is loading fine for me as well.

I think it loads a bit slow too, compared to other sites…
Could it be that i use https? It feels a bit slow without it too.

When I first joined the forum I got no replies. After someone looked into it, it got fixed. Now the CPF forum replies are the only site affected as I described. What can it be?

slow down update. Last night I couldn’t load the forum at all, and a dialog box came up saying “the server may be busy please try later” or something to that effect. Could it be your servers are getting overloaded due to your much deserved popularity? This morning I had no problem getting on the forum probably because everyone’s at work.


Update: The slowdown/no access problem has miraculously cleared up. The forum is back to full power. Not getting any response made me think there was no help.


I’m putting resolved in the subject line.