Slow RDP Performance


I am running Comodo Firewall on my personal Laptop (Vista 32bit). Sometimes I try to connect to work via the Cisco anyconnect which works fine. However, when i try to RDP to my work desktopI just get a black screen after authentication.

If I turn off Comodo Firewall then RDP works fine and very responsive. I can recreate this on my home desktop (Win7 64bit).

Is there a certain part of the Comodo Firewall product that might slow the performance of RDP? I still had the firewall and defense+ in training mode.

I am running version 5.8.213334.2131


I think it would be wise to upgrade to 5.9.x.2196 see if that makes any difference.
If not please tell us what settings you have enabled on the Firewall’s advanced settings page.