slow or delay moving window or clicking buttons

I just installed CPF. When I right click on the tray icon it takes 4-10 seconds for the menu to appear. When I bring up the main window and try to drag it around my screen it lags horribly. When I click on the buttons in the window half the time nothing happens, but if I keep clicking eventually the dialog appears. The check boxes on the settings screen work fine but when I go to hit okay it takes 5 seconds for the dialog to disappear.

Please adv

CPU usage is normal.

Welcome to the forum, asihdqwh.

This used to be an issue on a few of the 2.4 betas. Does this happen all the time? Have you scanned for malware?

Yes and yes. Not able to find the specific problem yet?

I disabled all component monitoring and rebooted. The interface works better now. However, I went back in and checked component monitoring and it’s all turned back on.

However, the interface still hangs my computer for 3 seconds when switching between the interface window and another window via clicking on the other window.

I just had freezing/stability problems I solved by uninstalling daemon tools. Current versions of both program conflict very badly. Might be a hint in the right direction.

Thanks for the info, folks. 64ninjas, you’re lucky that both were just freezing because other users have had BSODs with Daemon Tools.

So it’s safe to infer that you’ve got no fix for this bug?

Not that much that I know of. :-[ I’m part of the volunteer team, not development team. (:KWL)

When you installed CFP were there any other real-time software running like AV / AS / HIPS? Best to disable them temporarily during the install in order to avoid conflicts. If a re-install doesn’t work I can only suggest to file a ticket at the official support site: If you decide to, please keep us updated as I’m sure others will find it useful. (:HUG)

Also, could we have your computer specs?
Your computer could just suck. (:KWL)


From your previous postings, CPU usage remains normal but lags occur switching between CFP GUI windows and other standard windows.

Off the top of my head, it could be A) an issue with video, either card / driver / ActiveX or some evil combination of these (try running the latest NVidia drivers under Vista - it smells sort of like what you’ve described), B) a RAM issue or C) a slow processor. Please bear in mind I’m not definitively pointing my finger at any one of these, just looking for a starting point.

Can you please provide the following info;

Operating system version (incl. service pack levels)
Processor (incl. speed)
Installed RAM
Video card (with RAM)
Video card driver version
DirectX version
Any other security software currently installed
Any other video/imaging devices currently attached

Ewen :slight_smile:

I’ve been thinking about it and I’ve decided to dump the software. I don’t think it’s in a state of development worth the hassle. This is my play around box and it’s quite capable of running any software. If there is some high level incompatibility on this otherwise bare machine I’m not interested in spending the next five years of my life finding it :slight_smile: