Slow Network Speed between 2 Win7 PC's with CPM Installed


I recently reinstalled Windows 7 on my laptop.

I suddenly got slow transfer speeds between both my Windows 7 computers. After a bit of troubleshooting today, I’ve discovered it occurs when both computers have CPM installed (latest version). Said problem only occurred upon update to 1.3, the previous 1.2 version I was using was fine.

Uninstalling CPM on my laptop solved the problem.

Both systems run Win7 and are fully patched/latest drivers.
One with a Intel Gigabit Card and the laptop, Marvell Yukon

I’m assuming this has something to do with the scanning for detecting installations that is new to 1.3. Since 1.2 wouldn’t monitor installs from network locations which 1.3 does.

Hopefully this problem can be fixed, since I find this program so useful. (Might downgrade laptop to 1.2 until problem is fixed)

Well the problem was ‘fixed’ even though no one replied to this topic.

However the fix sucks. The network scanning was just removed.

I hope this is only a temporary measure, as I like it monitoring network installs (all my stuff is on fileserver, hence network), having to copy everything over to the computer so installs can be monitored is a pain.

Hoping for this feature to come back (without the problem I reported of course ;))

The issue with the network file share was not related with the network scan.
In the current CPM version ( and in the old ones too ) the network monitor only works for the applications which have ‘setup’ and ‘install’ in their names. A complete network monitor for all the installers will be available in the future releases. Until then you could add a ‘setup’ in their names for the network installers you want to monitor.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

However renaming hundreds of files just isn’t in my to-do list. :smiley:

Looking forward to proper network scanning.

Just out of interest, what was the problem with the shares? I figured it had something to do with a driver that CPM installed (which now isn’t installed by the looks of it)

Indeed there was an issue in the CPM’s kernel component, when accessing files on the network, but it wasn’t in the detection setup module.
Thank you.