Slow my intenet connection

When I install Comodo v3 , my internet connection be very slow, what is problem, must be change some settings for solve this problem ?

Need some more details. What is your PC’s processor? What Operating System? Memory? What other security programs do you use? Does this affect email also? Are there any Events for either Defense+ or the Firewall?

My pc processor intel celeron 2.2 ghz , Windows Xp , 512 mb ram, other securty program only nod32 antivirus v3 , no other use firewall or defense+.

I’ve never used NOD32, but I understand that it has a module that scans all incoming internet data streams. The monitoring component is ekrn.exe, I believe and it acts as a proxy between the internet connection and your system. You might want to try turning that component off and see what the change is. The slow-down may be a result of the 512 Mb of RAM being a bit low for all the processes that are going on.

No problem downloads, only web pages open slow, how can ı test my browser speed ? ( about open web pages )

I suspect that the problem is due to NOD32. See:

for similar reports. The slow-down is not just the web connection, but your computer itself. The web connection is the trigger for the slow-down.