Slow internet with Comodo firewall

I did a clean install of windows 7 on laptop. Installed cis. All fine.
On the same network, I did the same for my desktop. This time firewall really slows the internet down from 15mbs to 1. If I deactivate comodo internet secutity driver in the wireless connection properties then the speed retures. There are no othrr programs to interfer on the desktop… Any idea of what is going on.

Is web filtering enabled or disabled?

It could be that when you installed, Comodo changed your DNS settings behind the scenes. There is 1 checkbox that determines this when you install. Never use their DNS and select no when it option appears during install. Your ISP DNS are fine, no need to switch.

Well if it was the DNS then it shouldn’t get better if you disable the driver since the DNS would still be set to Comodo, I say shouldn’t because god knows computers do whatever they want these days so it might still be the DNS. 88)

Lonfox112, what’s your firewall settings? Default or did you change anything if changed what did you change to?

No the DNS settings were definitely not changed. Plus all the other devices which connect to the Internet thru same router have a great speed. Including the other clean install laptop with cis installed.
Web filtering doesn’t make a difference.

My settings were default. I played around with ruleset and hips but they make no difference from default.

Ps just out of interest, when I connect to a web page, the outbound connections shoots up to about 50. Is that normal?