Slow Internet Connection

Hi, Ive installed Comodo Firewell & the antivirus. All seems well except that my internet connection seems 2-3 times slower.

In the firewall, if I “allow all traffic” the connection seems fine & speeds up again but when it is on custom the connection is slower. Also if I turn the application monitor off “where internet explorer is allowed”, again the connection is fine, so it is definatley something to do with the firewall.

Im not using any other firewall, windows firewall is off, so it seems Comodo firewall is slowing down internet explorer.

I am on a wirless router, but I cant see that being the problem.

Great product apart from this small prob, any help greatly appreciated.


Welcome to the forum, prcole18 (:WAV)

If Application Monitor is off and speed is ok then we know it’s a problem with your rules in this module. Please post screenshot(s) of the rules (maximized) with your CFP log. (Important - Please read before posting)