Slow icons in folder

HI to all

When i browse folders with lots of .exe files i see a delay of displaying the icons (7-10 seconds) like a curtain that is going away
I have added C/windows/explorer.exe to the exeptions list and the issue is gone with the icons.

Can someone tell me if it is OK to do this? I’ve done that in the past with mse and microsoft said it was harmless to add explorer.exe in exeptions list, what about Comodo ??

I am a new user of Comodo AV (without firewall) because firewall rules are not my kind of thing.


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
Well everything is OK, since explorer.exe is a safe one.
I too experience the same problem, didn’t cross my mind to try it ;D
As for the firewall, don’t fear with default setting you are safe. You could try it, if something isn’t clear you can ask for help, and we will help you :slight_smile: