"Slow" Flash

Had a report from a friend earlier this week about some flash games/videos working slowly - I am now having the same problem as well.
The problem is one of framerate - it will often start out smooth and drop swiftly or just start out slow in the first place.
I have tried the same flash sources in chrome, firefox and internet explorer and had absolutely no problems in them - yet the problem persists in Dragon. I have also cleared the cache and tried uninstalling/reinstalling flash twice.
Is this currently a known problem or should I report this as a bug? If it is known, is there a fix and if not what is the bug reporting procedure?

Hi and welcome alexfuzz,
There is a known issue between Dragon and Adobe Flash, thank you for your kind offer to create a bug report if the issue was not already known. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately the only workaround requires the use of ‘Pepperflash’ from Chrome.
Dragon 33 - Flash Player issues workaround!

Let us hope a future release resolves this issue, sooner rather than later.

Thanks and kind regards from Captainsticks.

Thanks for your quick reply! That’s no problem for me I have no issue adding pepperflash for dragon - truthfully it may put my friend off Dragon in the long term. I will put it to him and see what he thinks. I’ll continue using - it is by far a superior browser to standard Chrome and this is the first issue I’ve had. :slight_smile:
Thanks again!

You are welcome, I hope Pepperflash solves the issues for you and your friend. :slight_smile: