Slow ERP Performace

Hello to eveybody
I am running out of ideas and i would like some help.
I have a small ERP in my Office and Comodo (v5) is doing one hell of a job in slowing it down.
What ever i have tried simply doesn’t work
Unless i disable the Antivirus or set the File size of scanned files to 0 MB it takes ages to load.
I have tried to put just about everything this ERP uses to Excluded Files but Comodo seems to ignore settings…when i say everything i mean everything from the ERP folder(netWork Folder) to Windows/system32 folder,Program Files/Common Files, .NET Framework folder.
So the million dollar question is…can i really set the Comodo to check that if a file/folder is excluded to really exclude it.

Yes, excluding a folder will actually exclude.

However, you’re talking about accessing these folders over a network, correct? I do know removable media is untrusted by design, therefore exclusions aren’t possible.

What I don’t know is whether or not the same applies to networked resources. I would assume so, but have never used Comodo in this manner. Hopefully someone who knows for sure will speak up.

I guess if Comodo “believes” network resources are “insecure” then i think i have a problem.
By the way when i have all this exclusions and i open the ERP Comodo works like crazy (i am talking about thousands of entries in Process Monitor for cfp and cmd agent…and to note a lot of “complains” for a key “Modex”)

It’s doing exactly what you’d expect a system security suite to do. If your network gets infected, you would like to be protected, correct?

What I’m unsure of is whether or not the performance hit you’re seeing is normal for networked resources, of if something unusual is happening. Hopefully a network guru will speak up.

Can you post a screenshot?

tomorrow i will post a screenshot.
Also the measurable performance hit i measurable at the opeing of the ERP…i am talking about 30 sec with Comodo AV eanbled to around 5-6 with AV disabled