Slow due to scan all files in folder that not Execute but List File

I found this Free Comodo Antivrus is great but got few thing that need to improve like when I had a folder “XAware” that contain only one file install file “x501_965_install.exe” file size around 500 MB that always cause system to slow to scan by Comodo Antivirus, this problem appear after install Comodo Antivirus because Comodo Antivirus always scan any files that not execute it in any folder when I open the folder, other antivirus’s only will scan it when the file is excuted but not list the file. Second thing is when I goto “QUARANTINE” menu, when I try to restore back any files that should not be detected as virus file, can Comodo to add two check box for “Send to Comodo Lab” and “Update to Whitelist’s” so this file won’t be detected as virus file in next scanning process but compare file name, folder name and date time. Last thing is when running Full Scan can system allow to have a checkbox to uncheck network drive or removable drive. This is what I found will help to improve the system.

I have to agree, a scan feature to scan certain files and folders would be awesome, but i’m new to Comodo, so i’ve probably missed it, if there is one (?) o.O

CAVS 2 Is “beta”. It has never got to a production release & all development has stopped on it, Basically, it doesn’t reach our requirements.

CAVS 3 is going to be in beta at the end of this month, So keep an eye out… It is improved heaps!

Currently testing Comodo Web scanner. It only scans and reports but does not remove. Updates occur quite often. In trouble shooting a problem I had scanning with the archived files check, was sent 2 modified files.
Scanning speed increased.

With the Web scanner there is a box for whole system or individual file.
Umesh posted that the Web Scanner should be available on this Thursday

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Hi Everyone,
Just to let you all know, we have postponed release of Comodo AV Web Scanner to Thursday, 17th July, 2008.



Scanning speed will also be affected by what and how many different security programs you have active.