Slow download from Brazil

first update after installation very slowdown 100kbs…

a) server link download updates is akamai, but links updates is comodo…

the error can be this?

Hi liosant,

We don’t find any such issue.

Are you living in Brazil? Could you please confirm the location?
Anybody else from Brazil has this problem?

I am in Brazil
I do not know how to inform, but this has been happening for some time…

Is the slow download only happening when downloading the AV definitions or also when using the online installer (in case you use the online installer) or downloading offline installers of Comodo products?

Do you experience problems with downloads from other websites as well or just with Comodo?

It looks like his download is being redirected to or via Akamai servers.
Akamai has activated traffic slowdown for downloading games, maybe that has some impact on CIS downloading too, but not sure though.

Hi liosant,

We made a few tweaks. Could you please check now.

And please try this link & let us know the download speed.