Slow download speeds?

I have 50 meg cable and normally average 4MBps. Comodo downloads are never over 50KBps.

Is it just me?

No. Few of us noticed that as well. I asked the Comodo staff to look into it on the forum but I don’t know if they will. I’m 110% sure they have an issue with their server.

Thanks for confirming. Hopefully now that I’ve updated to 3.0 gold and downloaded the CIS module I won’t have to suffer through another wait :slight_smile:

Either an issue or just generally low bandwidth, I can’t remember ever downloading fast from Comodo, but then again I have only been a Comodo user since March 18th of 2012 so it might have been a long term issue or perhaps that I just don’t remember those times that it was working good? Iunno.

I have started to upload each version of CIS from 6.0.264710.2708 and forward to my mega account, so if I ever need to re-install, it’s just a few seconds download. =P

In this case extremely low bandwidth. It was never this bad. So must be a problem with their server/s.

What are you trying to download that is so slow?

I just downloaded CIS 6.0.264710.2708, and the current AV database and was averaging 1.4MB/s.

I’m in the Western U.S.

March 18th of 2012
I’ll try and remember that date and send you a happy Comodo day card ;D

CIS itself from the official Comodo website and CIS database update. I have 70kbps max now. Should be way higher. I’m in the UK so it would much slower compared to the US but not this bad. Can any mod from the UK test this? Thanks.

200/211kbps that’s about max for me on 2MB connection.

In UK.


I’m unsure what my ISP’s speed is supposed to be but I topped out at nearly 500kbps - average about 300/350kbps I’m happy with this considering I’m using a VPN with European servers

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We use the same VPN provider so it isn’t surprising that I got the same results.

From Comodo’s servers - ~200-500 KB/s average around 360
From my Mega account - ~2.4MB/s constant

i asked our guys to explore this.

Thank you very much. ;D :-TU

I am new to the Forum and was only able to find this discussion about slow speeds for downloading from Can’t believe that the speed would be this slow. I average about 13-18 mbps as my download speed through my ISP. Sometimes it can go as high as 25 mbps as I am on a cable provider. Downloading the Signatures Update from their site I thought that the speed indicated was wrong. It was reading just over 9 KB/s. I couldn’t believe the speed. So I stopped the download and tested my connection speed…this time by comparing apples to apples. I had a connection of 1693.0 KB/s download and 597.6 KB/s upload. I then reconnected to start the download of the Signature file and here again it reads 9.3 KB/s and can fluctuate to as low as 7.93 KB/s. Is this normal for this provider? :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD