slow choppy email traffic with thunderbird and comodo

i am fairly new to comodo and i have some questions regarding email traffic.
My problem ist that everytime i startup thunderbird it takes a long time until he opens my imap folder on my mail server (same network). If i turn off comodo network monitor or comodo at all the problems are gone.
I am using comodo
Windows XP SP2
Avira Antivirus Personal Edition

What have i done to isolate the problem:
I turned off the different modules and it looks like the network-monitor is responsible.
I already know this type of problem and usually it can be fixed if you allow inbound traffic from any:any to localhost:113 (auth). I created a rule for it and put it to the top of my network-monitor list (logging enabled). If i watch the activities view i can see the rule is used a few times from the correct remote ip (my email server). There are some Medium alerts for inbound igmp and icmp traffic but they come from my router and my wireless lan ap, not from the mailserver. What else can be the reason for that behaviour ? Any ideas ?



Welcome to the forum.

If your mail server is on the same network, have you run the Network/Zone wizard? – Security/Tasks/Define a Trusted New Network. If not, that might help. Reboot your computer.

It sounds like your traffic is happening, so it’s not being blocked. Something’s slowing it down.

If the Network Wizard doesn’t/didn’t help, and rebooting doesn’t help (reboot even if you’ve already done the Wizard; sometimes that helps clear out CPF’s “memory”), your network may be using loopback connections as part of its communication. So then go to Security/Advanced/Miscellaneous, and “check” the two boxes that say “Skip Loopback… (UDP/TCP)”. Reboot.

See if any of this helps you,