Slow browsing with windows 7 64-bit + comodo beta 3.8.61948.459

I am having an issue with windows 7 64bit and comodo beta 3.8.61948.459 and slow browsing. When installed regardless of the level of protection site lookup is extremely slow with any browser. Direct speed is not affected (tested with ftp) and it does not occur on other computers on the same lan (xp 32bit) or when it is uninstalled from the windows7 system. Does anyone have any suggestions

On the 32 bits version of Win 7 beta it is mandatory to install in Vista compatibility mode. That’s the only thing I can think of coming from the 32 bits side of things.

I had to use vista compatibility mode to install. This occurs only after installation

I’m having the exact same issue with v3.9 on Windows 7. After having installed Comodo Firewall, normal webbrowsing becomes rather ‘laggy’. tests:
Comodo Firewall installed: 530ms ping
Comodo Firewall uninstalled: 30ms ping
Download/upload transfer speeds seem to remain unaffected

I’ve run the speedtest multiple times using the same test-server, with the same results.

Intel Q9300 64Bit
Windows 7 RC1 64Bit (Build 7100)
Comodo Firewall version: 3.9.95478.509
Linksys WMP54G v4.1 Wireless network adapter

Comodo Firewall Settings:
Firewall: Safe-mode
Defense+: Disabled


  • Simply disabling the Firewall doesn’t have any effect. Only a complete uninstall and restart solves the problem.

  • I’m running a dual-boot system. Comodo Firewall works fine on the same computer under Windows XP SP3 32Bit.

  • I’ve both tried installing the software in Vista-compatible mode and in normal mode without any compatible settings. Both installations succeeded but resulted in the same problem.

Look here:

Also please update to the lattest version. 3.10

Does the problem also occur when you hook up to your router when using an ethernet connection?

I’m unable to test this :slight_smile: (I might be wrong, but I doubt it has to do with the wireless router or modem though, as everything works fine on the same computer under Windows XP SP3.)

Done, but problem remains.

I tried running the DPC Latency Checker and it indeed shows high spikes during network traffic.
I’ve also run some tests with the ‘Windows Performance Analysis Tools’:

  • Unlike the DPC Latency Checker tool, it doesn’t display any very high peaks under ‘DPC CPU Usage’. There are some ups and downs, but nothing dramatic
  • I couldn’t get the symbols working though. Whatever I tried, it never displayed any process or driver names and always dislayed module name ‘[unknown]’ in the ‘DPC CPU Usage’ summary table.

Just out of interest, does it make a difference if you use a x64 browser, say IE8 or firefox ?

Another consideration, you can google for more information, does your router fully support IPv6? If not I suggest disabling the protocol and seeing if it makes a difference.

I ran some online speedtests using IE8 64bit, but the results (both speed and DPC latency spikes) are about the same as when using Firefox 3.5 32bit.

Tried disabling IPv6, but it didn’t make any difference. In addition, I also tried disabling
‘Link-Later Topology Discovery mapper I/O Driver’, and the
‘Link-Later Topology Discovery Responder’
Didn’t make any difference either.

Well! was only a suggestion. unfortunately I don’t see any difference in browser ‘speed’ using x86 or x64 windows 7.

However, doing what you have done, doesn’t really disable IPv6, it just turns some parts off.

This is still occurring with 3.13, It does not effect single downloads which I have speed tested. I can only describe it as if the number of concurrent connections was 1 instead of whatever the normal amount while browsing would be. That is, each item appears then the next item.