Slow browsing of workgroup computers with CFW on.

So I have a desktop connected to internet with cable and I share the connection to my laptop with a wlan ad-hoc connection. No problems there. ICS works fine!

But when I try to browse my workgroup computers it’s unbearable slow! I have to wait for up to one minute before I see my laptop with my desktop. Strangely enough, it work just fine the other way round, there is no problem when I browse with my laptop. I’m totaly bewildered. Please help me!

Btw I have gone thrue the rules and I don’t think the broblem is there! But when I dissconnect my network cable and shut down comodo firewall the browsing suddenly works just fine, so clearly it’s a problem caused by comodo.

So I finaly sorted the problem out, but I still don’t quite understand why it occured. I solved the problem by editing the registry so that my desktop(ICS host) has the key “MaintainServerList” in the browser service parameters set to Yes, and for the laptop I set the rule to No.

The ful path and name of the key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Browser\Parameters \MaintainServerList

I understand that broblems with browser service are common, but the part I don’t get is why the problem only appeared when comodo firewall was active. As told before if I were to disable comodo firewall the problem don’t show. Maybe comodo doesn’t allow other computers except ICS host to be browser masters and my laptop wanting to be the browser master, or something caused the problems. This realy isn’t the field of my experties, but in any case I’m hapy I got everything working.

BTW disabling the browser service din’t help. I tried disabling the service from only one computer (tried both ways), and tried to disable the servise from both the same time, but neither trick worked. The browsing of computer gets realy messed up if I disable the servise from either one of the computers.