Slow boot with Toshiba Fingerprint utility


I recently bought a Toshiba Tecra S11 notebook that comes with several preload applications.

After i installed Comodo Firewall windows takes around 10mim to login, either by fingerprint or password.
I managed to pinpoint the problem with Toshiba Fingerprint Utility.

This problem might be also related with this topic:

I’m running:
Windows 7 Professional 64bits SP1
Comodo Firewall 5.3.181415.1237 (only the firewall is activated)
Toshiba Fingerprint Utility version (latest)

Thanks for any help.


Try the workaround suggested in App. is not working correctly, but does not seem to be s/boxed. What to do? [v5]. Does that bring a solution for you?

Thanks for your answer.
I haven’t read the workaround yet (but I’ll read it ;)) because I managed to solve the problem.

Basically I added the following rule to the network security policy:
Allow outgoing traffic from to for c:\windows\windows32\LogonUI.exe

Is it possible to add this kind of rule to a new version of Comodo firewall?


You could place a wish for this functionality in the Wishlist - CIS board.

The same problem with the welcome screen was bugging me for several months.
The solution was to add “c:\windows\windows32\LogonUI.exe” and “C:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\TFPU\TFPUMainApp.exe” to comodo’s trusted applications.
Welcome screen has never lagged again since i did that.
Hope i helped!