SLOW BOOT Windows 7 x64 - when AV is DISABLED [but was OK before]


Here is an intermitting problem (which is present most of the time) when you install the Anti-Virus with CIS Free.

PROBLEM: Boot Time is doubled even when AV is DISABLED and is sometimes even longer than when is at STATEFUL or ENABLED ….

… Solved the problem once when removing and adding the AV function with the UNINSTALLING / UPGRADING COMODO [did this a lot of times]. Another time, I solved it by changing the config configuration to either [ Proactive / Firewall / Antivirus ] … but as soon as I go back to INTERNET


#1- installed CIS AV + Firewall, (Boot = 0:32) on config : INTERNET SECURITY
#2- first update approx 90 megs, (Boot = 0:35)
#3 second update, virus sig. 3822. (Now Boot = 0:55 normally, but can go to 1:15)
(because the first update was downloaded and visible in the ABOUT [virus sig. = 3798]
#4 with the AV at STATEFUL , (Boot = 0:45) strangely … it’s lower than when DISABLED.

SOLUTION ¬… sometimes worked … with "upgrade / uninstall " I removed and add the AV function from Comodo and the Boot time was back at 0:32


SCENARIO 2 : (when virus signature updated and boot time was still 0:32)

#1- installed Open Office and the same Boot times problem appeared … the same internal problem.

MASTER SOLUTION : Uninstalled the AV because it’s a non-sense. I only want the AV only for manual scan, so real-time scan is always disabled but something seems to wrong.

For the rest, Comodo is the best and has great performance.

Please solve this problem.

Windows 7 64-bits
CIS Free 3.14.130099.587
Virus database : 3822
Firewall = SAFE MODE
Defense + = SAFE MODE -