Slow boot time ?

Why is the boot time off Cis 8 slow ??

Have the program on diffrent computers and boot time off the program is slow on all…

I notice it too. It takes quite a while till I have internet connection.

Same here; I managed to improve startup speed slightly by doing a clean install of CIS 8 (this means that you uninstall CIS8 and use the scripts on the site. I keep those scripts on a USB, so I can’t realy give you a link. Perhaps one of the Mods can.

Unfortunately start-up-speed still remains much slower than with CIS 7. I also start to notice the GUI is much less ‘snappy’ in CIS8 than CIS7; I mean that it is noticeable slower that CIS7, especially the widget.

I don’t notice slowness in the GUI, at least it isn’t different enough to have caught my attention. The only thing I’ve noticed is the lag in internet connection time at boot up.