Slow boot time

Hi Guys

I just formatted my laptop and put CIS on it. The boot time is quite long so I uninstalled and used outpost internet security as a trial (just to see what happened) and noticed it was considerably faster. Can you shed some light on why this is and is there a work around or are you guys trying to change it in the future to make the boot time faster.regards
shadha ???

Question guys -

  1. why was my post moved when it has nothing to do with setup or configuration. Particularly when it is a fresh install with default settings.
  2. why can’t I get an answer for anyone of the greats at Comodo to help with this.
  3. are there others out there who are having the same problem.
  4. if nobody wants to answer including Melih then I will start using Outpost Pro and pay for a lifetime license. After all Outpost is almost as good as CIS.


Unfortunately CIS v7 takes a long time to initialize at boot. Observing the processes sorted by CPU will show when CIS has fully initialized when System Idle Process sticks at the top.

The biggest issue with respect to new installation, in conjunction with the foregoing, the AV defs get updated in background automatically. The easy way to glomm onto that is by clicking the date in the AV defs panel of the Main CIS GUI. That opens a panel intimating what is going on; its either current or its doing something if the date is more than ~two days in the past. There’s a difference between not current and out of date. The latter causes CIS to go into AV def update mode.

Once CIS is fully initialized and AV defs are current, CIS and the rest of the sytem will work just fine. The only caveat to that is: answering ‘remember’ this to an allow or block alert; that’ll cause it to go into a funk for a minute or so.

I’ve found the best way to maintain CIS security rules is en mass through use of the logs. Maintain both D+ and Firewall rules as necessary - in accordance to what resource access were recorded in the logs - and then update both sides of CIS at once.