SLOW AV update, was hanging at 81%

The av-update was hanging at 80%, then 81%, and about 20 minutes later, it finished! Did anyone else have this problem? I uninstalled and reinstalled for measure, but the same stuff happened.

It May Take A While To Download A Fresh Installed CIS/CAV
Depending On Your Internet Connection


Yes i had the same problem it hit 30% and stalled, then hit 51% and stalled again for 10 mins
when i reached 86% it totally stalled and has been like that for 3 days now.

Each and every time i try to update the above happens, as for the auto download of updates
this would explain why the computer its installed on ends up being a sludge box unusable
as the auto updates dont give a indication of how advanced the update is.
Its either being updated or downloading no progress meter at all so it could take for ever as i have found.

This is only the AV update part of CIS, it has Nothing to do with downloading a fresh version
as CGPMaster posted, but its starting to look like the virus database is the same size as the install file.

current net connect speed is 22,000kbps> = 1.2m

if i had to guess, i would say that i dont think it has anything to do with a hang. ever since COMODO obtained those 80k sigs from Wilders, i think the updates have gotten much larger (thousands of sigs) which take much longer.

I had the same looks to have stalled at 50% i put wireshark under it and it wasn’t downloading anymore at that stage, i guess the “merge” of the old2new database was the cause of the delay, it could well be that the large nr of sigs had something to do with it.

On a new install (File downloaded on 03/12/08) it connected throught my proxy at the end about 80% to three IP address do not know what for.
This was after about 20 mins no reboot required.
It has been slow about 10mins for the last five updates except one which was as usual.
As Ronny posted could be size of sigs.