Slightly of topic: Changeing Default ICS DHCP Range XP

Does any one know how to change the default ICS DHCP range in windows XP Pro SP 2

I used to know how in 98, by editing the reg. I have not had to do it in XP and have not been able find any documentation on it on the web.

Thanks Opus

Unfortunately, I’ve never found a way to make changes to The ICS defaults on XPSP2. I don’t think it’s possible. I would like to be proved wrong :slight_smile:

I believe this is permanently set in the IP stack controller.

Ewen :slight_smile:

This page might have some info you can use.


Posiblemente vale la pena

I might be able to make this work I might try first in a VM so as to keep My machine clean I´ll let you know the reults. When I have them probably a couple weeks Is for th house and I hate default settings

Chow for now


That’s an interesting find jasper. Looks like one may have to create a complete top level key hierarchy, but it seems to suggest values can be changed, having done so :slight_smile:

Doesn’t that link state it’s only for Windows Embedded CE?

Doesn't that link state it's only for Windows Embedded CE?

LOL well spotted Soya, glad someone can read :smiley:

It’s weird, I was hunting about in the registry trying to find those keys and though it strange that I couldn’t. No we know why! hehehehe

Ooops! Guess it would pay to read the top of the page too :o


Google didn’t reveal any clues that it’s possible. Contrary, even:

However, XP ICS is missing some features of those earlier versions. You can't disable the DHCP server, change the server computer's IP address, or change the range of addresses allocated by the DHCP server.

Well that is the same type of info I found. I was hoping someone here knew something I did not (:AGY) (:SAD)

I still might play with it in a VM as much to laern about VM’s as anything Will post if i find anything different.

Thanks For the help anyway

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