slight installation issue & IE7

Hi Guys,

As I posted earlier Firefox is back to green borders with VE

====== IE7
IE7 still does not show them. Well I don’t use IE (just in very rare occasions) but still would be nice to see VE working “all over” Few notes about IE7:

  • v 7.0.5730.13
  • VE Add-on is Enabled
  • before installation of the latest VEngine the Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP (KB956390) was installed (came in last night)

======= Installation
The Installer correctly identified that existing VE is present.
I was notified about unistalling it, which was correct too. Then after installation I was asked to Reboot. I don’t remember such thing with previous installations.
Anyway, after Rebooting - nothing happened.
I noticed that there is no VE icon in SysTray. When I looked inside C:\Program Files\Comodo\VEngine folder the only file silently sitting there was VESetup.exe (???).
Sure I removed it, deleted the folder cleaned the registry and repeated installation.
That went smooth. No prompts for rebooting, startup entry was added, etc. VE was up & running in Firefox.
Well, probably not a big deal but may be somehow developers can link that behaviour to VE not working in IE7.

My regards

Hi Guys,

Anybody else with IE problem as above?

(11 days would be enough pause for “bumping” :wink: )