Slight Complaint

Well i have a slight complaint about this firewall. After i re-boot my PC and go to the Application Monitor section it gotta load up all the applications I have listed there. Which takes about 20 seconds. Not a big deal, just a hassle. My other firewall would always instantly load the list.

Tnx for the feedback, KPK4444!

CPF has a number of protection features in place (lacking from many other firewalls), which monitor process, application signatures, etc (this is listed under Security/Advanced/Application Behavior Analysis). It checks out and approves all apps listed in the App Monitor; this may be the cause of the delay that you’re seeing.


PS: Yes, I have the same delay… :wink:

Well maybe in another final version this could be speeded up?

That would be something for the Development team; I’m just a user like you… :wink:

Comodo does have a strong presence here in the forums, and monitors user posts; there is a very good chance they have seen this topic already. At any rate, you may want to add a request to the Wishlist, here:,4612.0.html. Comodo works very specifically off the Wishlist, for features/improvements to future versions.


That’s strange, I don’t have any delay. My Application Monitor opens instantly. I have a very small delay when opening Component Monitor (about 2 seconds)…

Yep i’m the same as bubu. My app monitor opens instantly (around 32 apps in there). And the component monitor is about 1sec. Although at the office the component monitor also has no delay. But that could just be the Pentium D 960 Dual Core 3.6Ghz CPU and 2Gb Corsair RAM working like it should be (:NRD)

Speed would very likely play a part… Bigger, better, faster, more. ;D


32? ::slight_smile: I have about 168 in there. I control all my apps and how they respond. Its probably that and my PC is only a AMD Athlon XP 24+ 2.00 GHZ CPU and about 700 RAM.

Yes, that must be the reason. I also have about 30 applications (with 50-60 rules), and my machine is more-less similar to yours - P4 3GHz, 1GB RAM.

That means I can also expect some delays when my App Monitor list expands (I installed CPF just a week ago).

168!!! Dangola! :o :o :o my oh my, your Component Monitor must have a couple thousand in it…

Sounds like you may need to join “Over-Clockers Anonymous.” ;D

No offense, just joking ;D

Oddly enough, my home PC, which is a 500MHz P3, opens faster than my work notebook. Just a bit more RAM works wonders… :wink:


Sheesh, thats a lot of apps :o

It must takes ages to get back to a full setup in the case of an OS re-install

No, its about 300-400 in there now. It actually loads real fast.

Sheesh, thats a lot of apps

It must takes ages to get back to a full setup in the case of an OS re-install

Lets hope that don’t happen. (:KWL)