slider missing

afternoon folks. sometimes slider to configure settings is missing on main page. anything to be concerned about? tks for any help. frank.


There are only two “sliders” in the GUI. Alert freqency under misc on advanced configuration & on the summary page the allow all, custom, block all. I assume you mean the latter. Missing? I would d/l from the Comodo site a new firewall. I’d also run scans for malware in Safe mode. There are good general cleaning instructions on Wilders. Something could be tampering with your security.

Maybe a mod here has another explanation?


Well, if this is missing, there’s a problem. Possibly a corrupted install.

I’d take Michele’s route, myself, with the following basic breakdown of steps:
Download a new installer package from Comodo’s website (and no other).
Disconnect/disable internet connection.
Disable/Turn Off any active AV or other security software.
Uninstall the FW; reboot.
Run a free registry cleaner like RegSeeker or CCleaner to clean out any pieces that might remain.
Disable/Turn Off any active AV or other security software.
Install FW from the newly-downloaded install package. Use Automatic install/configuration (as opposed to the Advanced/Manual approach).


PS: If you have a lot of rules you don’t want to recreate, you can use the backup script in this thread.,2366.0.html. There are instructions there as well, but you will need to do the following b4 exporting and importing the rules: Set Security Level to Allow All. Under Security/Advanced/Miscellaneous, uncheck “Protect own registry settings.” If you can’t do the Allow All thing at present, you can try the export anyway; it may or may not work.

tks for both of your replies. will d/l a new firewall from site. frank.


A link to cleaning instuctions. General Cleaning Instructions | Wilders Security Forums

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