Sleep Mode, Turn off HDD's Changing

Is CIS highjacking my power settings?

I like my computer, including HDD’s to sleep after 20 minutes of incativity. It works for a day or so, then some program always changes my settings. I assume it’s CIS, because nothing else is doing it that I can think of.

If it’s not CIS, how can I detect what the culprit is? If it is CIS, how can I prevent it from messing up my power settings?

I think I remember this being discussed, but the search doesn’t work. It finds nothing on “sleep” or “Sleep Mode”.

Thanks for any advice!

Bob A.

I don’t know what program could be the culprit.

When trying to wrap my head around it I am wondering if a reboot or cold reboot is the trigger for the problem you are facing.

The only program which caused this problem for me was Windows Media Center.

To check, Power Options choose which power settings you use, select advanced settings find which one is causing the problem.

For me it was MultiMedia click on + changed setting to allow computer to sleep (On Vista x32 desktop)


Screenshot from Windows 7 Laptop

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