sleep function

I have problems similar to those in the hibernate forum. Before CTM, my windows 7, amd cpu machine went to sleep at the push of a button and woke up fine.
Now it acts like it’s going to sleep. The monitor shuts off. l The hard drives spin down, and a flashing light on the front panel of the computer comes on, indicating it is sleeping. The computer wakes up in the normal way at the tap of a button.
However, the power supply fan and various led bling lights remain on.
Tapping the keyboard brings everything else out of sleep.
This problem occurred the first time after installing CTM, with no other changes made.

I am pleased with product (it’s the closest thing to GoBack that I’ve seen), but this is a vexing problem.
Any ideas?

Thank you.

Hi, davidthiel

Thank you for support. We has been searching for the issue for some time and surely it will be fixed in the future. Enjoy CTM!

Best Regards,

Hi guys,

Not really a new bug but - perhaps it might help the developers-:
I’ve got 2 systems W7 x64 working perfectly minus “sleep” function that seems to have gone haywire after installing the latest CTM.
Both are now refusing to go into sleep mode after I installed CTM… What’s going on :o?
BTW, they (both) used to switch off after 45 minutes.
Now, even if I try to put them into hibernation, the screen goes off but the HDDs (of both systems) seem to be quite happily spinning ???

Thanks for interest.

P.S. Should you require the exact system specs, e-mail me and I’ll attach them in txt.