Skype v3.8 crashes Comodo Firewall v3.0.22.349 X64

Hello to all!

First of all I’m using Windows Vista x64 with SP1 and have recently installed Comodo Pro (as Firewall with Leak Protection). My current settings are: Firewall in safe mode (applied rules to Skype and Skype Extra Manager: Outgoing only), Defense+ in training mode.

Every time I exit Skype (right click → close in the systray) Comodo Firewall crashes with the following Application error (cfp.exe): “The exception unknown software exception (0x40000015) occured in the application at location 0x1000b42e. Click on OK to terminate the program”

Any other information needed?

Greetings Drago :slight_smile:

EDIT: Forgot to say… I’m using an Administrator Account with UAC enabled and the latest Skype version (v3.8.0.115), but I’ve experienced the same crash in the latest beta (I believe it was #96) too.

Hi Drago,

Thanks for your report. Can you please provide us related crash dump(s): either attach it to your message here or send to with some description. Thanks in advance.
Here can be found some useful information on how to obtain crash dump(s).

Hi Yuriy,

thanks for the fast answer… At that time I hadn’t activated the “windows error reporting” service so that I can’t provide the related crashdump. As you can imagine “I did it again”… I quit Skype, but this time another application crashed (without any crashdump available) - 'til now only cfp.exe crashed (no other application), so I supposed it could or would be related to Comodo. Now I think, that Skype is a bit… faulty…

Anyway… tomorrow I’ll try again and report my findings here. Perhaps I’m able to get a crash dump related to cfp.exe.

I also find it a bit strange or interesting that a faulty application is able to crash other applications that easily. Well… let’s see tomorrow… :slight_smile:

Today I tried about 3 hours to get Skype crash another application with a crash dump… no way… I hate it when you simply want something to crash but it doesn’t happen - the other way it happens all the way. >:(

What I can say is the following: Skype crashed also two other applications (Asus Audio Center and Winamp). Both without notifying me, no entry in the event log and no available crash dump… really a strange thing…

So, for sure, it’s not related in any way to Comodo and you can close or ignore this topic. When it happens again, I’ll report back here. It also sounds like a bug in the OS kernel - no other application should be able to crash another… even without activated uac (remember: I’ve activated it on a x64 SP1 full patched version)…

Sorry for your time…

No need to apologise, Drago.

But still i guess it would be interesting to investigate how third-party app can crash CFP’ gui. So it is related to Comodo :slight_smile:
Thanks for your attempts to provide us crash dump.

Anyway, if Skype behaves in such way (crashes other apps), its devs may be interested in your information :THNK

Hello to all!

I’m using Windows XP with SP2 and have installed Comodo Pro (as Firewall ). I use firewall rules, Defense+ is disabled.

Every time I exit Skype (right click → close in the systray) Comodo Firewall crashes. I send Bug report to comodo via email.

Thanks for that :-TU

the same here :frowning:

Windows XP SP2 fully patched
Comodo Firewall version &
Skype version

CFP GUI (tray icon) sometimes closes without any notices while running (after exiting?) Skype, but CFP service still running.

CFP v does not solve this bug, skype stiil crashes the firewall !!!

Have you guys read this topic? If so, you would know that the problem is caused by Skype! Report it there and not here…

Or simply downgrade to Skype v3.6.

Just for some users having the same problem: The crashing seems to be related to the Skype Extras Manager 2.0 introduced first with Skype v3.8 #96 Beta (i.e. if you have skypepm.exe running). So you don’t need to downgrade Skype but only to disable Skype Extras Manager in the extended settings of Skype 'til they found the cause / release a fix for this strange issue.