Skype latest upgrade/Update

I have Skype installed on Win 7 64 Bits. Its showing an update is available. But Skype update progress bar stucks on 100% & nothing happens further here. Tried few times with the same results. Anyone with the same prob or successfully updated Skype?

Win 7 64 Firewall Default Settings
Avast Free AV Default Settings

Tried with FW & AV disabled but same results.

Have you read this thread? Not again! Skype update!

It appears that Skype has some issues with the latest update.

On a side note. It sounds more like something for the Skype forums…

Yes, I posted a message in the thread you mentioned.

Yes, I know that.

But this is the very first forum I post any/all probs. If I dont get any solutions here & the prob is critical then I look elsewhere or the specific products forums.

Perhaps going to the source first would be quicker if an issue is critical? ???