skype ?!?!?!? Is it a Legal Trojan or what

Hi there. I’m new here so I might ask kind’a wrong queston but… How the f !ot! ck to deal with this program?! I mean the windows version of skype.
I really searched the forum but didn’t find a solution for this problem.
You all know that Big Brother is Always watching you in SKYPE! I really hate loosing my privacy in such ways like using software like that :frowning: (yeah I could stop using it, but what if all my friends are lames and I’ve got no other way to comunicate with them).
Before Everything I shall say that I have NO connection problems with that client. I just wanted some privacy but can’t get it ???
Tried do stop the uPNP and change the port (from the client) to 55555 (for example) and what … BOOM it seems this lame software tries to open some more ports for me (nice hah). The problem’s not that, it eaven didn’t connect to that port (i specified)… the problem was when it connected to a ‘random’ port (i belive) Letting it connect though it… waiting a while it loads! and … asks me for another 3 ports (that should remain Opened an Listening to the end of my experience with it >:( P and when I tried to block them one by one (I really didn’t want to make a rule for allowing * from skype) and guess TADAAAA the f@ke client tried to open another port, and another and another… and when I try to block them (really Hate BigBrother) it tries another ports and another and another… d@mn it didn’t stop till I Allow the ‘bad’ connection (as I rate it) to me which at first look stays iddle, but also reports all my history to the server in a period of time (or on new event I belive).
If I skip letting the 2 ports connect (they are NOT the Default protocol ports for calls and video calls / checked that; and have NO ‘extras’ installed) It freezes trying to open hundreds of ports till get connected to the monitoring services (these that I want to skip).

You see the point…
That’s a great example how you can make Comodo (or any other firewall) freeze your computer or stop internet connection for a while …
Is that fair ? Don’t think so :-TD
I mean… if I want to use skype just for IM and Voice calls (what’s it’s purpose) I can’t do that without opening an extra port (like the trojans do) and monitoring… because it starts spamming my computer untill I give up and close it :confused:
I find this really WRONG and I feel my user and person rights are just skipped :frowning: and what… get a trojan for free :smiley:
Great yeah.
I really tried a lot of techniques to deal with it but with no luck!
I realize that this is NOT Comodo’s problem … it’s just written on the source code and the whole protocol of SKYPE just acts like this! (but want nooby to ask you)

Note that I’ve being testing the Linux version of ‘S’ and also the mobile version (where this just doesn’t happen)… the executable makes a connection to the specified port and that’s it. WHY isn’t the same in Windows ?! (yeah, I know why, but I just find it not fair)
If somebody had my experience and found a solution, I would be very thankful to know how to deal with ■■■■ like that >:-D (or should I give up :-\ )

Would this method work (pdf file), I never used skype

and the other article on skype security (also pdf file)

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