Skype (full) v6.1.0.129

Downloaded from
CIS claims it contains malware. False positive?

Hi 7Leagues,

Could you please provide the screenshot of detection.So we can check this.

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No I can’t because I added the app to my exclusion list. Nothing is stopping you from downloading the app yourself though.

Do you get the alert when downloading it or when it’s running? I ask because I downloaded it and scanned it and CIS did not find any malware.

I have just downloaded Skype (online installer) from filehippo and it is not detected by CAV.
Downloading full setup from softonic…Nope! It is not detected either.

Which would mean that the version being offered by has been tampered with?

Edit: the version on filehippo is just the SkypeSetup.exe 1.27 Mb downloader, not the full version which is 30.7 Mb.

Very strange. I removed it from my exclusions and then ran a scan on it. Nothing was found. Go figure!

Sorry to have bothered you guys. :embarassed:

Incidentally, here’s the original event log showing the malware that CIS found: