Skype.exe and Defense+ many warnings

Hi. Skype.exe causes may entries in Defense+ logs with Access Memory actions. Why is this and how can I stop it? I have added Skype as a trusted application.


I’m having the same problem, skype is using up lots of cpu, is very slow to start and loads of access memory warnings on d+. I also have it as a trusted app/file.

Go to Defense+ → Computer Security Policy → scroll down to the Comodo Internet Security → Edit → Customize → Protection Settings tab → Interprocess Memory Accesses set to Active and click on Modify → Add → browse to the Skype.exe or select it from Running Processes → Apply the changes.

Wow! That did the trick, no more warnings and Skype is starting loads faster! I would like to thank you for your very prompt reply, that’s what I call service. May I say, I have been using your CIS for a few years now & this is the only problem I have ever had with it, and this only started since I updated Skype to the latest version. Congratulations on a superior product! I will continue recommending CIS to everyone I know. Thanks again. ;D ;D