Skype connects without rules?

Hi everyone,

my first post here, but i’ve been reading the forum a lot. recently i installed the latest CPF & so far i am really happy with it. today i fired up Skype & CPF didn’t ask me what to do with the program. Skype connected to the internet without a problem. Am i missing something or this shouldn’t be the case?

here is a lil screenie:


You probably have “Do not show alerts for applications certified by Comodo” enabled.

This option automatically approves safe applications.

and is found under security>advanced>misc…

more info is available in help button.

i have only checked the protect own registry… option. i never used the option to scan for known applications. it’s really odd to me.

its checked by default.


I understand, thank you!

where can i see the applications allowed by default?


You cannot view what is allowed as it is in an encrypted file for the following reasons:

  1. Stop malware tampering with the file and adding itself as a trusted application and then bypassing the firewall;
  2. Stop competitiors copying the safe lists for their own programs.