Skype & Comodo Parent Injection Leak Test

I installed CPF 24.06.2006 (now version after about 4 years with Sygate. Seems OK but 2 things:

  1. Skype: every time I must ‘allow’ this one - when starts with Windows or manually. I put skype.exe in ‘Trusted apps’ - no luck, CPF don’t remember.

  2. Comodo Parent Injection Leak Test - FAILED.

Any ideas?
P.S. CPF configuration - all defaults. WinXP SP2 with latest upd.

Please try the CPF BETA.

OK, all things looks good with CPF BETA, also ‘Comodo Parent Injection Leak Test’ passed. Thank You.
BTW because new version reinstall (not update) CPF, “export/import settings” will be good function.
Thanks again.