Skype blocks Comodo Internet Security Premium installation

I just wanted to mention this issue and found no other place to post it.
Yes, i used the search function and found nothing.

The issue:

During the installation of “Comodo Internet Security Premium” in Windows (Win7 64 Ultimate here) Skype keeps blocking the network interface which causes the installation of Comodo to hang up at 98%.
Neither it can be deactivated or activated at this moment, which is necessary to install Comodo.

Deactivating Skype solves the problem.

I know that every app should be closed befor installing Comodo, but a lot of people have Skype in background and dont think of it.

My recommendation is to put a big warning in the Comodo setup to deactivate Skype befor installing it.

That’s all. :wink:

Thanks for reading.