Skype and IceDragon

I have Windows 7 64 bit and Comodo IceDragon v22.0.01. I use IceDragon to login to Skype. I use skype to contact my family in italy. I have noticed that the video in skype is very choppy. When I did a speed test at the site it stated the following:

ping: 16ms
download speed: 5.16 Mbps (the Ip Bell Sympatico - states 5.00 mbps for download)
upload speeds: 0.69 mbps
result: too slow get google chrome browser.

I would like to know is there anything I can do to Icedragon to make it run faster when using Skype. I tried the people at Skype and they only suggested to find the speed of my internet and my cousin in italy - no other explanation. I do not want really to add another browser on my system as I already have Comodo Dragon, IceDragon, IE and Firefox (but will be removing firefox soon).

Hoping you can provide a solution.Thanks


please update your Ice Dragon :

Check again and use CCleaner to clean your Ice Dragon cache,cookies(etc.) for faster experience

Also set your browser to clean cache upon exit

A ping of 16ms on a ADSL or cable type of connection when pinging a server in your own country is not a bad figure at all. It is good actually so I don’t understand the advice from Speedtest.

The problem could be on both ends of the Skype connection. Your connection seems fine unless you have a a lot of upload traffic (p2p clients or other server type of programs running) that could be interfering. We need to know more about the situation of your family first.

What information do you need.

Let your family do a speedtest to a server in their country and let us know the results.

Also the computer of your family should be free of malware. Have it checked with
TDSS Killer
Hitman Pro
Malwarebytes antimalware
Super antispyware.

You also need to know whether they are running torrent or other p2p client. When they are running such a program let them shut it down to see if that is of influence.

Key in the process is to have the two sides of the connection clean of malware and without other programs interfering.