skip/ learn parent [resolved]


What is the best way to control a software that opens a ie window to check for updates ?

For example I´ve Ccleaner and when I click the check for a new version feature it opens a ie window.
I´ve tried the i.e. rules with skip and learn the parent but still it allows the Ccleaner to open the window without comodo firewall prompting for an answer.


Try deleting all of the IE rules in the firewall, see if that does anything.

It prompts for the dns and when rules are made for it it simply opens the updater ie window.
In other programs like codestuff starter and keepass it propmts for the authorization but these 2
programs don´t do it through a new ie window.

My rules for ie

tcp out
1024 - 4999

tcp out

udp out
my dns ip´s

You can try to delete the rules for Ccleaner too.
If that don’t work, you can try to uncheck “do not show alerts for apps certified by Comodo” in security/advanced/misc
You can also raise the “alert frequency level” slider if you still doesn’t get a popup for Ccleaner.

Tks AOwL.
No rules for Ccleaner.
Have unchecked “do not show alerts for apps certified by Comodo” and raised alert frequency level
to the top but still no prompts.
Any chance that we have allowed it once with remember enabled and now does not prompt ?
But if so it should up in a rule, no ?

I turned them up, and i did get a popup. Not when I started CCleaner, but when I clicked the Alternative/Options button and clicked on the link for getting the latest version. The rule was created in application monitor for Firefox (my default browser)

I looked in the component monitor, but didn’t find any dll from CCleaner… ???

Solution found.
Remove and reinstall Ccleaner.
Prompts poping up.

I will put this as resolved and lock it.