Skip cryptographic signature check for one application

Hi guys,

I’m just trying to figure out if this is going to be my new firewall (I’m quite tired of my old one).

So far it looks good, but there is one feature I’m missing. I’m developing some applications using TCP/IP, and every time they want to connect after a recompile I get the “Cryptographic Signature has changed” popup, which is fine for other software, but is a bit annoying in the long run for my own programs.

Is there a place to turn this check off for my applications, but leaving it on for all the other programs?

denmike - welcome to the forum.

There is no option to disable this. I don’t know if cfp 3 (currently in beta testing) has such an option, but it’s already been requested quite a few times and on the wishlist.

Edit: it’s not in the wishlist (you can post there), but I know it has gained Comodo’s attention before

Thanks for the info, I was afraid that was why I couldn’t find the switch.
Hopefully it’ll be added in the near future! At least it is on wishlist v4.