Skins and Passwords

When I was still using v3.0.25.378, I really liked the way I was able to change the skins.
But now, I am confused on how to change the skins.

I also really liked when CFP always asked me for passwords.
But now, when I enter a password it doesn’t ask me again.
I guess I’m paranoid, huh?

All in all CIS v3.5 Final is an impressive product (:CLP) .
Thanks (B) .

A nice little feature. The password is only asked once per session.

You’ll be asked again if you closed the CIS window.

So basically you can change any settings and click on the top-right X shaped button on CIS title bar to make the CIS GUI disappear without terminating CIS.

The next time you need to change a setting by making the GUI appear on screen again you’ll be asked for a password again.

CIS now (un)officially support .msstyles visual themes.

You need to copy a .msstyle file in \Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\Themes and rename the .msstyle file extension to .theme

How to Change a File Extension in Windows

I am able the change the appearance with msstyles , but how do we change the tray icons like we could with CFP 3?

I guess you cannot. IIRC those images are in some digitally signed DLLs in Comodo folder. I never tried to edit them.

Besides until officially announced IMHO skinning should not considered supported.

Well, what I’m pointing at, is the feature in v3.0.25.378 that asks the user for a password constantly, even without closing the application.

I know about the .theme extension. I even tried editing it with StyleBuilder for XP, but I was too lazy to replace every image and icon inside it. Furthermore, cfp.dll contains the icons that I wanted changed, but then again, I was too lazy to replace every image and icon inside it.

I could replace every image and icon inside the .theme and cfp.dll, but there are 2 problems.

  1. I am too lazy (:TNG)
  2. Since CFP is a very sophisticated program, I’m sure it will nag me about the modified cfp.dll, but I guess I can just replace the cfp.dll in the repair folder (not sure though (:NRD) )

I guess I’ll just wait for the standalone CFP to be updated or wait for a theme editing program dedicated for COMODO (crosses fingers)

Thank you for this explanation. I always wanted to find a way to make CIS to use the same theme as XP. I didn’t know it was possible. Thanks again.

I was interested in this posting you made. I like the idea of being able to tweak the skin. Unfortunately I have no familiarity with the .msstyle file you mention. I look in the Themes folder you mention but I only found one file and it is already a .theme file (cfp.theme). Can you give me a bit more data on how this works? Many thanks, Dave

.msstyles file extension pertains file that contain a visual theme description used to apply skinning to XP (XP theme support).
Due to restrictions imposed by Microsoft only files certfied by MS (digitally signed) can be used to apply systemwide style changes (eg default xp luna skin).

This did not prevent some programmers to patch core windows components in order to bypass such restrictions and apply those uncertified visual styles systemwide.

A .msstyles file can be usually found searching \WINDOWS subfolders or uncompressing those uncertified visual styles installers.
In order to use these files in CIS there is no need to patch any windows component (but some visual styile installers may do so since they aim to apply changes systemwide)

Thanks for that elaboration. I guess it is a bit more complex than I initially assumed. Also, I have Vista. I think the new CIS interface is a bit “blah”. It needs some color and spicing up IMHO. I guess there are more important things to be done first, but at some point that would be nice too.