Skinning tool for CFP coming up soon...

Hi Everyone,
On 29th Jan, 2008 we are going to release a skinning tool for CFP.

This will let you do following:

  1. Will provide an interface you can give skin name of your choice.
  2. Will show you all the images as thumbnails which can be re-branded and will also let you see full view of each image.
  3. For every image it will give details of it’s type, dimension and also location where it appears in CFP’s interface.
  4. Will let you replace given image with a new one and will validate it for type and dimension.

Although you can always create skins without using this tool as described in following topic:

But this tool will just help you in knowing details per image and it’s usage in CFP and at the same time you don’t have to do any copy-paste your self.

So watch out here, when this tool is out.


Cool, :BNC (:CLP)

One question we should be able to post skins on this forums so other can share? (:NRD)

EDIT NOTES: ADDED question mark :: Happy ragwing :smiley:

That’s cool umesh!

It’s not a question if it doesn’t end with a question mark? :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyways, yes, we should be able to do that. Maybe do a new topic/sub-forum for it.

edit :added queston mark

yes, you can.
Infact we are also trying to come up with some new skins and make it available for public and that way we can build up a good collection of nice skins.

it might not be a bad idea to put all the skins for sharing in the area…?


nope not all…maybe you should do that

Maybe not, but would be better with a sub-forum or topic, but that’s just my opionion ;D
Would be easier for users to post on the forums tho.

how about both? or a picture of the skinsposted on the forum? and it links to wiki.comodo?

Yeah, that sounds good to me.

What about changing fonts/selection (and other) colors/background type/caption height etc., will it also handle this, or do we have to modify this manually (config.ini)?

If I can make a suggestion - have one board non-postable by general members and put all tested skins in there. A second board could contain all general member subitted skins and once they are proven to be OK a mod could move them to the first board. This would also keep the main skins board clean of user postings and queries.

Please see Backup and CAVS FAQs for examples.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Just want to update on release of skinning tool, we want it to be used with upcoming CFP release, which we plan on 31st Jan, 2008. If we do that, we will also release skinning tool.

So as of today release has been postponed.


■■■■ it ! (:LGH)

Rather iron bugs out than co-branding,skins.

Agreed. Seems like we’ll have to wait until next week for it or something :wink:

thought this was going to be released with cfp 3 newest release which was on feb 4th?

It’s out today:

Therefore I shall end this thread :P0l.