Size of update for antivirus

The antivirus (of CIS) updates daily without any problem (presently my database is shown as 482). However, while updating only the green progress line is shown, whereas the size of update is not shown. I think it will be great if the size of databse updation, whether it is 150 Kb, 200 Kb etc. is shown at the time of update. It will give the users an idea of the update available.

Also, what about a cancel button for virus updation, which may get greyed out once installation / updation of database starts in the harddisk (I mean at the time of download of virus update it may permit cancellation but at the time of actual updation it may get greyed out).

(3xist or any of the moderators, I think the wishlist be modified as a continuous one like in other wishlist for firewall / CIS, if you feel fit, for the developers convenience and also to reduce new topics in the forum - which may get buried when newer ones come up)